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Feature - Smiles Change Lives

Macy Melton was born without a permanent front tooth. It didn’t bother her much in elementary school, as her friends and classmates were losing baby teeth practically weekly and gladly flashing their gap-tooth smiles for all to see. But as she and her classmates grew and moved on to high school, it became very noticeable that Macy’s smile was lacking.


THCF is a Leader in Operational Excellence

As a member of the Council on Foundations, Truman Heartland Community Foundation has shown consistent operational excellence, affording us the privilege of displaying the official National Standards Seal on our materials and website.

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YAC Students Seeks Volunteer Opportunities

Youth Advisory Council (YAC) students are exceptional in so many ways. They are natural leaders with a passion for service and community. YAC students volunteer at nonprofit organizations in and around Eastern Jackson County to do their part in making the region a better place to live, work, and serve. We are currently seeking some new group volunteer opportunities for our YAC students.


Philanthropy – A Family Affair

Using a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) allows you to add strategy to your annual giving. But did you know that a DAF could also be used to create a personal legacy? Or a family legacy?


Securing your Income with a CGA

If you want to donate to charity but are concerned about how it might affect your income in retirement, you may want to consider setting up a charitable gift annuity (CGA).

Logo Use

Download Truman Heartland logo

All uses of the Truman Heartland logo by another organization in advertising or promotions must be approved in advance by the Community Foundation. Therefore, all requests to use the logo or for electronic versions of the logo should be directed to Amy Brost, Marketing and Communications Manager, at or 816-912-4190.


  • Truman Heartland’s logo may only be used in the two-color version or the black-and-white version. No other colors may be used. 
  • Please don’t move or rearrange elements of the logo in any way. And don’t change the scale of the logo (e.g., don’t change the size of one part of the logo without changing all parts in correlation). 
  • Do not add any elements to the logo, or subtract any elements from it. Also, don’t animate the logo on a website. 
  • The minimum size of the Community Foundation logo for printing or posting is 1.1” wide. Whenever possible, the Community Foundation’s logo should appear with one-half the logo’s height of white space on all sides.




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