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Updates from Truman Heartland's President & CEO


Phil Hanson shares information on charitable giving trends and how the Truman Heartland Community Foundation is partnering with individuals and organizations across the region to benefit the Eastern Jackson County community.

Creating Impact Through Community Grants

At Truman Heartland Community Foundation we are looking forward to getting our annual competitive grants cycle rolling for 2018. This year we had the honor of hosting our second annual Community Grants Workshop on Monday, February 26 at Midwest Public Risk. We were excited to see so many new faces among the 60 nonprofit professionals who joined us to learn more about our Competitive Grants process. We discussed the application process and deadlines for our two annual grant programs, the Jelley Family Foundation Endowment for Children’s Education and our Community Grants program. We also introduced a new program this year, the HMF Beaudoin Family Foundation.

We’ve made a few changes to our grants process this year. First, the grant application deadline for the Jelley Family Foundation Endowment for Children’s Education has been moved to earlier in the year to March 15, 2018. This will allow us to announce our awardees earlier than previous years, with notifications set to go out in July.

Secondly, we have an exciting new grant opportunity made possible by a local family through their family foundation, the HMF Beaudoin Family Foundation. The grant application deadline for the HMF Beaudoin Family Foundation will fall on the same day as our Community Grants applications on April 2, 2018.

The requirements and application process for all three of these grant programs can be completed on our website at www.thcf.org.

Last year, we awarded $262,000 in grants to 57 local nonprofit programs through our Jelley and Community Grants programs. The addition of our newest grants program, the HMF Beaudoin Family Foundation, will allow us to grant up to an additional $75,000 this year. Every year we see the requests grow, which makes the work our grants committee does a challenging but rewarding experience.

Awarding these grants is a tremendous responsibility since these donors have entrusted our board to take great care of their legacy gift. The needs in our community change over time and these individuals had the confidence that our Community Foundation would year after year through a competitive grants process fund the best programs of nonprofits making a difference in our community.  Our volunteer Board of Directors and Grants committee take this responsibility to heart and do their best to ensure we are funding the most effective programs.

These gifts made through estate plans are vital to the health of our community. These individuals are members of our Heartland Legacy Society that consists of more than 130 individuals who have decided to leave a lasting impact in the lives of those who need it most. It is the thoughtful planning and foresight of these community leaders that allow us to create change in our communities and sustain the work Truman Heartland does.

It is truly heartwarming to think about the many selfless individuals who have chosen to impact their community through charitable giving, whether through a donor advised fund, scholarship fund or a legacy gift. The Truman Heartland Community Foundation is honored to have been chosen to support and grow their charitable giving.

I would encourage anyone who has a heart for philanthropic giving to learn more about ways you can create an impact with Truman Heartland, by creating a Donor Advised or Scholarship Fund, contributing to our Foundation Fan Club, or becoming a Heartland Legacy Society Member.

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