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Boomers Get Connected

I am pleased to report that our Boomers Get Connected initiative is making great progress in Eastern Jackson County. And due to its success, we are working closely with the Mid-America Regional Council and the United Way who plan to expand this program metro wide in the future. First, I want to again thank our 18 donors who made a grant to support this work contributing a total of $21,800 to our Civic Leadership Fund. We could not have accomplished what we have so far without their generous support.

As a reminder, our “Boomers Get Connected” initiative is focused on the 500 Baby Boomers each month in Eastern Jackson County reaching age 65. That’s an army of talented individuals who, as they move into retirement, have more time they can devote to volunteering with nonprofits, local governments and other civic groups in our community. Our “Boomers Get Connected” project has the goal of connecting 600 Baby Boomers in our community with opportunities to utilize their time and talents as volunteers. We know it will be good for the organizations where they are volunteering but we also know it’s very beneficial for the retiring Boomers to stay active and engaged in the community.

We have 28 nonprofits and local governments in our Eastern Jackson County area that utilize volunteers and are working with us on this project by providing volunteer opportunities that are posted on the United Way Get Connected website. Earlier this year we awarded scholarships totaling $8,000 for 18 people from these organizations to participate in the Volunteer Management Institute conducted by Nonprofit Connect to assist them in honing their skills in managing volunteers (thanks to our supporters of the Civic Leadership Fund).

On October 1st of 2017 we started our promotion of the program with Baby Boomers with the objective of getting them to sign up on United Ways website so they could get connected and find volunteer opportunities. I am pleased to report that the latest report from United Way indicates that 342 people have created a profile on the Get Connected website as a result of our promotion.

The funds contributed to our Civic Leadership Fund were critical in achieving this milestone. The support enabled us to conduct a social media campaign specifically targeting Baby Boomers in our area to encourage them to sign up. Our focus has been Facebook and we have spent approximately $8,000 on ads that have resulted in 11,952 pageviews of our Boomers Get Connected web page by 10,476 different people. Here is a link to that page where you can find more information on how to sign up if you are looking for volunteer opportunities. And you don’t have to be a Boomer. We have also promoted Boomers Get Connected through print media. For example articles about our program have appeared in local publications such as “Lee’s Summit Life Styles” and “Around the Lake”.

Please help us continue to spread the good word about our “Boomers Get Connected” initiative. If you have thoughts on groups we need to talk with please let me know.  We know these volunteers will have a big impact in our community and will also benefit themselves from remaining active, engaged and giving back to the community they love.

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