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Updates from Truman Heartland's President & CEO


Phil Hanson shares information on charitable giving trends and how the Truman Heartland Community Foundation is partnering with individuals and organizations across the region to benefit the Eastern Jackson County community.

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Philanthropy is not innate. We are not born with it, and children don’t wake up one day and choose to be charitable any more than they wake up and decide to eat their green-leafy vegetables without complaint. Philanthropy is learned by modeling the charitable behavior of the caring adults in their lives, learning why it’s important to give back.

Spring brings tax season, which is often met with much less enthusiasm than the warmer temperatures and budding tulips. But since the IRS announced that the federal income tax filing deadline for individuals has been extended from April 15 to May 17, 2021, the season does seem a little brighter.

How the world has changed in the past year.  I commonly hear people talking about time in terms of Pre-Pandemic time versus Post-Pandemic time. Covid-19 has certainly rocked the entire world; however, it has had the most dramatic impact on the lives of those most vulnerable in our community.

Many of us know from experience that you are more likely to bridge the gap between where you are and the hope you have for the future by making a plan for how to get there. That is exactly how Willa Fancher and Martha Taggart approached life and why their estate plan is set to have a transformational impact on the future of our community.

I know that we are all ready to put 2020 behind us, but as I look back on the year, I am encouraged and inspired by the amazing ways our community came together to make a difference.

Unprecedented may be the most overused word of the year, but there is no denying its accuracy in describing 2020. As our community braces itself for another coronavirus surge, this year continues to throw us more curve balls than any of us desire. But in the spirit of Thanksgiving, your Community Foundation is reflecting on all that we have to be grateful for this year and the exceptional response we have seen from our community.

During this Covid-19 year, teamwork has never been more important. Your Community Foundation has certainly had to call many audibles at the line of scrimmage to make our new initiative a success.

Now is clearly a crucial time for our community to come together, support each other and for those who are able, to support nonprofits in our community assisting our neighbors. Our nonprofit organizations play an important role in bringing us together and creating community. Let’s not let this pandemic tear us apart.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of our Toast to Our Towns Gala and on September 26, 2020 we will host a Gala like no other in our organization’s history.

Like many events, the Community Foundation’s annual scholarships program was canceled due to coronavirus safety concerns. While we may not be able to celebrate in person this year at our traditional ice cream social, support for our students reached an all-time high.

This is a time for creativity and action, and one way your Community Foundation is responding is by accelerating our competitive grants cycle to offer flexibility and funding to nonprofits when they need it most – now.


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