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Here's What's on Phil's Mind

THCF Updates from President & CEO


Here's What's on Phil's Mind

It’s scholarship season at your Community Foundation! Students across the area have been busy applying to the more than 90 scholarships available at Truman Heartland Community Foundation. Thanks to our generous scholarship fund holders there’s more than $200,000 available for students this year. These donors are passionate about education and know the transformative impact that their financial support can have on a student’s success.

We hope you had a holiday season full of family and friends! It’s too early to get statistics on total charitable giving in 2018, however, I still stand by the prediction I made in January 2018 and believe that compared to 2017, charitable giving will be up. Here at your Community Foundation, we saw very strong contributions and had a record year with total contributions exceeding $7 million.

This holiday season, we are reflecting on the many reasons we at Truman Heartland Community Foundation have to be thankful and the ways we can help our donors make an impact on our community through their charitable giving.

October has certainly been a volatile time in the stock market. However, some market pundits say what we are experiencing now is more normal that what we experienced in 2017, when there was no volatility. One of the tools that your Community Foundation has that addresses volatility and ensures more stable funding is a spending policy for our endowed funds. Most spending policies compute the amount using an average balance over several years to factor in the ups and downs of the investment market. So for example, our current spending policy is 5% of the average balance of the fund at year end over the last 3 years.

At our Toast to our Town Gala on Saturday evening I had the opportunity to share for the first time some exciting news about the future work of your Community Foundation in the area of community initiatives.

I am pleased to report that our Boomers Get Connected initiative is making great progress in Eastern Jackson County.

I am constantly amazed by the progress that can be made when groups of like minded individuals come together for a common goal.

My experience with charitable giving throughout my 35-year career in philanthropy is that people are not giving just to get a tax deduction. They are giving from the heart because they are passionate about their community.

For the last 36 years, Truman Heartland Community Foundation has given donors with a passion for education the opportunity to support the students in our area. Many of our community’s citizens have taken the step to invest in education by creating a Scholarship Fund through their Community Foundation, which allows them to award scholarships to students who they believe to be most deserving.

We are very pleased to announce three of our honorees for our 23rd Toast to Our Towns Gala on Saturday September 29th.

Although you may feel disdain in dealing with both your taxes and your allergies, my advice is to take a proactive approach to avoid a future headache. You’ll have to see your doctor about how to deal with your allergies, but the prescription for the headache tax-season causes is simple: proactive tax-planning.


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