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Creating a Legacy - Top 5 Reasons to Make a Bequest

A bequest is a gift made as part of a will or trust. A bequest can be to a person, or a nonprofit organization, trust, or foundation. Anyone can make a bequest in any amount. But why? Why is a bequest necessary? Here are the top five reasons it is important for you to make a bequest.

1. Have it Your Way. Setting up a bequest ensures that your wishes will be carried after you're gone. By adding some simple language to your will or trust you can make sure your executor understands and carries out your intentions.

2. Find Purpose. You get to decide which organizations and programs you want to support. You can be as specific or general in your designations as you like.

3. Change Your Mind. Just because you write it down doesn't make it binding or irrevocable. As time goes on and your situation or interests change, you can easily update your bequest.

4. Lasting Support. You can take pride knowing your support will continue on beyond your lifetime. Those programs and organizations that benefit from your generosity during your lifetime will continue to celebrate your legacy years after you’ve gone.  

5. Affordable. Leaving a bequest in your will or trust costs you nothing today. In fact, when you set up your bequest as part of your overall financial, tax, and estate planning goals, you may be able to do more good than you ever thought possible.

Talk to a THCF representative or your professional financial advisor today about making your bequest. Your bequest will ensure your favorite cousin inherits your antique spoon collection and your chosen cause continues to receive your year-end gift. Your thoughtful planning today will be a powerful tool for supporting both your family and your causes for years to come. 

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