Toast to Our Towns Gala

Your Neighbors Serving Your Community

Each year, THCF tasks area mayors with nominating a citizen from their local community to receive the Outstanding Citizen Award.


Citizens of the Year, chosen by area mayors, will be honored at the Toast to Our Towns Gala and will be announced later this summer.


Blue Springs — N.T. Reed (Nick) Burrus
Grain Valley — James (Jim) T. Cook
Independence — Brad Speaks
Lake Tapawingo — George W. (Renny) Buckaloo
Lee’s Summit — Laurence Pressly
Raytown — Steve Mock (Posthumously)
Sugar Creek — Joseph D. Kenney


Blue Springs — Dave Smith
Grain Valley — Darryl Jones
Independence — Donna Pittman
Lake Winnebago — Chief Richard Williams
Lee’s Summit — Nick and Jennifer Swearngin
Raytown — Chris and Stacey Payne

Sugar Creek — Bob Buckley


Blue Springs — Linda Edison
Grain Valley — Michael Scully
Independence — Ron and Molly Clemons
Lake Winnebago — Steve Besermin
Lee’s Summit — Art and Hope Davis
Raytown — David Bower

Sugar Creek — Valerie Soule


Blue Springs — Ted and Betty Meyer
Grain Valley — Allen Lefko
Independence — Bill and Jill Esry
Lake Winnebago — Dr. Steven Silverstein
Lee’s Summit — The Tominia Family
Raytown — Mike McDonough

Sugar Creek — Herb Soule


Blue Springs — Steve Steiner & Dale Walkup
Grain Valley — Nancy Totton
Independence — Jack Gant
Lake Winnebago — Michael Collar
Lee’s Summit — Christine Bushyhead
Raytown — Terry Landers

Sugar Creek — Stan Salva


Blue Springs — Eleanor Frasier
Grain Valley — Jeff Coleman
Independence — Bill Rogers
Lake Winnebago — Aldo Mariotti
Lee’s Summit — Susan Coffman
Raytown — Bob and Jodie Smith

Sugar Creek — Dennis Onka


Blue Springs — F. Mark Hissong and Steve Mokosak
Grain Valley — David “Scott” Hedger
Independence — Jerry Mackey
Lake Winnebago — Dr. Jim Elias
Lee’s Summit – Dr. Emmanuel Ngomsi
Oak Grove — Danny and Dottie Hughes
Raytown — Barbara and Ben Carmack

Sugar Creek — Robert and Debbie Ray


Blue Springs — Art Phillips
Grain Valley — Dale and Sheila Arnold
Independence — Robert J. “Bob” Reeds
Lake Winnebago — Shirley Bond
Lee’s Summit — Jon Ellis and Vicky Cundiff
Oak Grove — Floyd and Frances Evans
Raytown — Kenneth Fleishmann and Kenneth Whisler

Sugar Creek — Jim Rittel and John Ryan


Blue Springs — Tom Evans
Grain Valley — Sharon Stewart
Independence — Ira and Nina Anders
Lake Winnebago — Jim McCambridge
Lee’s Summit — Michael Paul and Mary Ann Swisher
Oak Grove — Roy Meier
Raytown — Kenneth Blom

Sugar Creek — Veronica Powell


Blue Springs — Dr. Mark and Mrs. Cheryl Mozer
Grain Valley — Mary Strack
Independence — School Transition Team
Kansas City — Rev. John Modest Miles
Lake Winnebago — David Claycomb
Lee’s Summit — Geneva High
Oak Grove — Norby Corn
Raytown — Mike Aprill

Sugar Creek — Robert and Jake Welch


Blue Springs — Rick Nelson and Jeanie Lauer
Grain Valley — Dr. Chris Small
Independence — Cynthia and Kenneth McClain
Lake Winnebago — Bob Mais
Lee’s Summit — Larry Stewart, posthumously
Oak Grove — Hollis Dyer
Raytown — John Ness
Sugar Creek — Robert Pinter and Barry Berislavich

Silver Legacy, Harry S. Truman Library and Museum


Blue Springs — Lois Krueger
Grain Valley — Chuck Johnston
Independence — Glenn and Ada Betts
Kansas City — Mary Lou Jaramillo
Lake Winnebago — Robert Bennett
Lee’s Summit — Kathy Smith
Raytown — Al Maddox

Sugar Creek — Joe and Kathleen Woods


Blue Springs — Louie Lamendola
Grain Valley — David Hackett
Independence — Dr. Bridget McCandless
Kansas City — E. Frank Ellis
Lee’s Summit — Gene Gamber
Raytown — Gary Knabe

Sugar Creek — Ron Rybarczyk


Blue Springs — Larry Sparks
Grain Valley — Jan Reding
Independence — Larry Blick
Kansas City — Rev. Ralph J. Crabbe
Lee’s Summit — Phyllis Hamilton and Russ Berlin
Raytown — Rosalie Vanzant

Sugar Creek — L. Earle Conner


Blue Springs — Cindy Coburn
Grain Valley — Matt Farlin
Independence — Ken Johnston
Kansas City — Herbert M. Kohn
Lee’s Summit — Paula Belser
Raytown — Dr. Marlon Steinert
Sugar Creek — Alex Petrovic

Lone Jack — Howard E. Hensel


Blue Springs — Diane Mack
Grain Valley — Kim Roam
Independence — Galen Boyer, Jr.
Kansas City — C. Patrick McLarney
Lee’s Summit — Mel Aytes
Raytown — Edna Scahill

Sugar Creek — Mark O’Renick


Blue Springs — Derrick Warren
Grain Valley — Steve Gildehaus
Independence — Robert F. Glaser
Kansas City — Herman A. Johnson
Lake Lotawana — Dave Wagner
Lee’s Summit — Betty McNought
Raytown — Alyse Stoll

Sugar Creek — Lanard Toys


Blue Springs — Pam Albarelli and Lyle Shaver
Independence — Carl Mesle
Kansas City — Carolyn Vellar
Lake Lotawana — Howard Chamberlin
Lee’s Summit — Bud Hertzog
Raytown — Robert R. Sego
Sugar Creek — Charles Dumsky

Oak Grove — Brad and Fred Byam


Blue Springs — Carol Journagan
Independence — Lu Vaughan
Kansas City — Neighborhood Volunteers
Lake Lotawana — Barbara Robison
Lee’s Summit — Kay Ford
Raytown — Allen J. Brown
Sugar Creek — John Maglich

Grandview — Don Armacost, Jr.


Blue Springs — Imelda Farmer
Independence — Steven E. Mauer
Kansas City — Mary Groves Bland
Lake Lotawana — Rodney Sommers
Lee’s Summit — John C. Graham, Sr.
Raytown — Judith L. Ness
Sugar Creek — John McEvoy

Greenwood — Dan Vansickle


Blue Springs — Olen Wilkinson
Independence — Paul Weston
Kansas City — Vernon Thompson
Lake Lotawana — Brenda Ferrell
Lee’s Summit — Mary Stacy
Raytown — Shirley and David Wurth
Sugar Creek — Nancy Kimak

Lone Jack — James Neece


Blue Springs — Jim Moran
Independence — Roberta Coker
Kansas City — Rev. Wallace Hartsfield
Lake Lotawana — Paulla Martin
Lee’s Summit — Rev. Tom G. Haley
Raytown — Penny Hoffman
Sugar Creek — John C. “Jack” O’Renick
Grain Valley — Robert Gillette


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